For the realization of the highest quality wine, in addition to following the most careful production methods in the vineyards, it is necessary that the cellar is a safe and practical to produce and store wine and wine-making equipment that are perfectly in line with the product that you He wants to get.
For these reasons the cellar Zanatta is among the most equipped and modern.
The grapes grown in the vineyards owned, harvested when ripe, when they reach the cellar and crushed, suffering a slight pressing and the must go to the fermentation at a controlled temperature to preserve the most of colors, scents and the varietal aromas.
The aging of the wines takes place with the use of the latest technology but always respecting the traditions. Subsequently the wine produced is stored in steel or wood, depending on the type of wine and the results to be obtained.
Zanatta family operates in the full respect of the traditions and European standards and guarantees a production of fine wines and genuine, appreciated both in Italy and abroad.