Cà ed Balos

Cà ed Balos
Cà ed Balos is and aged farmstead located in Castiglione Tinella, the core zone for the production of Moscato d’Asti.
The company produces fine artisanal wine and grappa, with particular emphasis on sustainability and with the main objective of achieving a superior quality product.
The magic atmosphere of the farmstead and its courtyard, makes it an ideal place to linger while enjoying a wine tasting in harmony with nature, in the same place where many years ago dancing parties took place during the harvest time.

Our goal:
Our goal is to minimize the use of chemicals and pesticides as we believe that agriculture should be bio-sustainable.
By using high-tech equipment we reduce the use of water and pesticides protecting the environment as well as your health, without giving up on aromas and tastes that are typical of our terroir.
To maintain and increase the fertility of the soil, starting from 2014 we begin employing the green manure method. Seeding in spring and fall the species desired we will confer vitality and fertility in the soil, improving the quality on a biological, physical and chemical level.
In this way we will limit the presence of parasites, reduce greenhouse gas effects capturing the carbon dioxide present in the air and we will protect the soil from erosion.
We rigorously hand pick the clusters. The must is filtrated and clarified and we obtain a lively sparkling wine through a fermentation conducted at a controlled temperature and employing selected yeasts.
When planting a new vineyard it is very important to consider the materials that will be employed to have special respect to environmental impact, the materials that will be used, their durability and the eventual option to recycle. For this reason we chose steel, an inert material, light and resistant and that most important of all, can be reused when planting vineyards in the future.
A dream come true

Cà ed Balos is a dream come true. The desire of a family to make the passion for culture, territory, and good living be truly part of one’s life.
The Langhe is a charming region of softly rolling slopes and a pleasant quietness where life has its own rhythm. A rhythm defined by the natural cycle of the seasons. The need of a different life far from stress, pollution and city life and the attraction for this unique atmosphere, made us change the pace in our life. The family after having lived in several cities in Italy, France, Spain and USA, moved to Castiglione Tinella many years ago.
The combination of beautiful landscapes, culture, history and rich tradition made this place a perfect match to all our dreams. The Langhe is also the kingdom of wine and gastronomy, and it is mainly this prerogative that tied our soul to this territory indissolubly.
Instead, I crossed the Belbo on the footbridge, and as I walked, I kept thinking there’s nothing more beautiful than a well-hoed, well-tended vineyard, with proper leaves and that smell of the earth baked by the August sun. A well-cared for vineyard is like a healthy body, … Cesare Pavese, from “La luna e i falò”.