Once upon a time, there was a vine, that turned into wine, and became love …
Wine is a keeper of magic and timeless secrets. The fruit of ancient roots, which draws life and energy from the earth, to tell stories that end in a bottle.
A wine bottle is the start of a feeling, because wine whispers loving words to hearts, because it’s the nectar of passion and who can ever deny, it’s this making the world go round, and its people, their wishes and ambitions?
CignoMoro wines are said to be the secret ingredient in love formulas, see for yourself?

There’s also another detail that shouldn’t ever be overlooked, in life as in wine, what? Choices!!!
We chose to love a land for our vines to grow, we chose Puglia. We chose here, because we believe that wine speaks of the land creating it. Inside every bottle, you can feel the clear strength of sun, wind and sea, making every single sip unique.

We chose the “red lands” between Manduria and Carosino, because we believe the gift of experiences enriches whoever lives them.

We chose to do something different, and provide a very different flavour from the historical winemaking tradition in Puglia. We did so, giving our wine cellar an intentional air, full of cosmopolitan spirit, combining the poetry of tradition with contemporary dynamism and experimentation. Our production values carefully respect the environment, using the latest winemaking techniques, without forgetting the value of a family winery that firmly believes in patience and waiting. Because nature has fixed times that should not be hurried, those drinking CignoMoro choose something clearly saying who they are. Those who drink CignoMoro, don’t need words to speak of themselves, because CignoMoro is “…more action”