Meet Our Team

Jack M. Fassetta: Founder

 Anyone who's ever met Jack knows of his passion for all things Italian most especially, wine. A more than 30 year career in sales, management, training and motivational speaking in the food distribution and service business for SYSCO, US Foods and PFG/ROMA, has prepared him to successfully found this business that brings one of his most favorite pieces of Italy home. Jack is a graduate of the University of Saint Thomas, Houston, Texas, is an active member of the Greater Houston Restaurant Association and the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, the latter of which has allowed him to travel extensively throughout many corners of Italy and connect with the most magnificent boutique vineyards and bring their outstanding wines to Texas.


Angelo Ferrari: Co-Founder

 Though his name may suggest he's a descendant of the family that brings us the finest Italian vehicle on the planet, Angelo is actually famous for another Italian masterpiece; he's a magnificent international opera singer. Born in Brescia, Italy, Angelo's passions include racing bikes, astonishing audiences in fine opera houses around the world and selecting great Italian wines. A longtime friend to Jack and co-founder in Beviamo, his fluency in the beautiful Italian language allows the company to source wines from the country's most intimate native vineyards, ones unknown or inaccessible to major importers.


Jason Farr: Partner

  Jason Farr, a native Houstonian, graduate from a prestigious military academy, and  with more than 15 years experience in wine distribution brings to Beviamo a wealth of knowledge and high energy.  Jason has traveled extensively to vineyards in Italy and throughout the USA.  His understanding of the soil, grapes, methods of production and of course the wine itself lends authority to his ideas when he consults regarding wines lists and food pairings.  Beviamo International is fortunate to have Jason as an important memebr of the team.  He is our go-to guy and he can be yours too when creating a new and exciting wine list.



Bruce Woods

 Simply stated: Bruce knows his wine. A connoisseur, a renaissance man of sorts, his wine endeavors include: distributor sales, vineyard ownership, consultant to restaurants specializing in wine lists and purchasing for retail stores and wine bars, concept and presentation of wine events, teacher of wine classes and founder of a wine club. Even with more than 40 years in the business, introducing Beviamo's exceptional imports to the greater Houston area is an invigorating and refreshing development of expertise.


Karen Buonassisi Scott

 When her maiden name rolls off the tongue, one instantly wishes to be a guest in her kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. Her Italian roots run deep, infusing her soul with a passion for authentic fare and wine, and after many years in sales for the elite Parfums Givenchy brand, she made the leap to focus on promotions and events exclusive to the wine industry. To further her proficiency in the category, Karen is currently studying for her CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) designation, though her family ensures she always devotes sufficient time to them via her delectable culinary gift.


Jessica L. Anderson

Jessica is a native Houstonian and a recent graduate from the University of Mississippi, more fondly known as "Ole Miss".  Having earned a degree in Business Marketing Jessica has returned to Houston with the intention of putting her Marketing degree to good use.  Beviamo International is thrilled that Jessica has selected us as launch pad for what be surely be great accomplishments.  Jessica is already an expert at building business relationships; understanding that in sales, as in life, it is all about the relationship. As she said in a recent conversation; "The Beviamo experience is about connecting people with people, sometimes oceans apart but with similar interests; great and memorable wines"   You will see her influence on virtually everything we do in the marketplace and her influence will be powerful.


Sean McNeely, CSW

Sean has invested the majority of the admittedly short adult life (short as compared to some on this team) indulging his passion for good food, great wine, and the people and places that produce them. A Certified Specialist in Wine, Sean joins us at Beviamo after two years teaching English in Bogota, Columbia.  He speaks as easily about an obscure, autochtonous Italian varietal as the merits of crossing South America by bus!  One of Sean's fondest memories is that of a 15 year old boy, living in Salamanca, Spain, and the first time in stuck his nose in a glass of Rioja and realized the same smokey jamon iberico that had wafted from the doors of the local bodega.  He learned then the power of food and wine to transport the senses to far away places or times long past but well remembered.  So let Sean take you around the globe as your design your new list, re-stock your personal cellar of for the perfect bottle to relax after a long day at work!


Suzanne Streetman

As the former owner and chef of the acclaimed Allegria Wine Bar in Clear Lake City, Suzanne brings extensive wine knowledge to her position at Beviamo International.  In addition to her "real world" experience in the wine industry Suzanne has studied wines in Napa-Sonoma, Tuscany, Bordeaux, Paris and Houston.  Suzanne also owns Allegria Catering & Events.  Therefore she has expert knowledge of food and wine pairing; an expertise that she shares freely with our clients.  We benefit greatly from her delicious food preparation for many of our wine events held throughout the year.  Please consider allowing Suzanne to assist as you build, develop or expand your wine portfolio for your establishment or personal cellar.